Positive Community Kitchen

It’s 4:00 p.m. on a Monday in the Positive Community Kitchen, and volunteers are chopping, dicing, pureeing and mixing together fresh ingredients to be served to families impacted by a life-threatening disease. Volunteers just entering the kitchen grab an apron, wash up and turn to Cody Fuqua, head chef, for further instruction. Sometimes interrupted by […]

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Turning Point of Claire Kiss

It’s early morning on Spencer’s Butte and Claire Kiss is perched on a boulder. She watches as the sky slowly lightens up, like blue watercolor spreading on a blank page. Kiss takes a pen and a sheet of paper from her backpack. With a click of the pen, she uses the boulder as her desk […]

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Friends of Trees

I spent the morning with the volunteer organization, Friends of Trees, based in Eugene. Their mission is to create greener and more sustainable neighborhoods in the Eugene area. Trees guarantee many benefits, such as providing oxygen, offering shade, increasing property value and decreasing air and soil pollution. Trees contain what some scientists refer to as […]

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