I am the executive producer and director of photography of a 7-minute short film called “LAPSE.” I produced this project in collaboration with a small crew from start to finish for the ‘big screen’ in under 48 hours as part of the annual nationwide 48 Hour Film Project Festival in Los Angeles. We were given a […]

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DJ Shitty Princess

I collaborated with DJ Shitty Princess (11.2K subscribers) and Momo Entertainment LLC to film a lyric video, behind the scenes interview and an acoustic video at the YouTube Creator Studio. Shot with Blackmagic camera on CFast 2.0 and Canon DSLR.

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What can EHS do for you?

I led a crew from the student-run multimedia agency, Allen Hall Media, to produce an informational video for the Environmental Health and Safety Department at the University of Oregon. The purpose of the video is to increase awareness, educate new hires and highlight the importance of EHS’ role on campus.

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Kevin Kicks The Bucket

I am the director of photography in collaboration with a crew of 16 students on the biweekly web series called “Kevin Kicks The Bucket,” a supernatural dark comedy. “An inexperienced soul reaper is tasked with killing a sweet and naive young man, who has yet to experience many of the joys of life. Feeling sorry […]

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I am a producer and director of photography in collaboration with a crew of 20 students on the web series called “PotterGirl.” The series is a spin-off of the beloved J.K. Rowling masterpiece but through the eyes of a Harry Potter fan-fiction writer, Claire Riddle. The series premiered on Eugene public access and was posted […]

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Positive Community Kitchen

It’s 4:00 p.m. on a Monday in the Positive Community Kitchen, and volunteers are chopping, dicing, pureeing and mixing together fresh ingredients to be served to families impacted by a life-threatening disease. Volunteers just entering the kitchen grab an apron, wash up and turn to Cody Fuqua, head chef, for further instruction. Sometimes interrupted by […]

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